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    Hi high sticks saw technology maintenance

High branch chain, called the high branch pruning saw, landscaping is in common garden machinery of pruning branches. High sticks saw is a single operation of a garden machinery, the operation difficulty is great, the risk is high, is the very need operator technique. At the same time, high sticks saw the maintenance is also very technical, but also requires the operator to master.
Below, we will have a look high sticks saw technology maintenance:
The new factory branch high chainsaw, before three is composed of both in the running-in period, not suitable for engine no load running in high speed, otherwise there will be unnecessary burden. In the high sticks saw run-in period, must make all the moving parts of mutual adjustment, the drive component will have a greater frictional resistance. General high sticks saw the engine after 5to 15 times the oil filling can achieve maximum power.
If high sticks saw the work of great intensity, in the long time of full load operation, let the engine do short time idling, makes cold air flow away most of the heat six, so that the drive member not because of heat accumulation and adverse consequences.
In addition, the air filter and the spark plug is very important two parts. For the maintenance of the air cleaner, air door to choke position, to avoid dirt into the intake pipe, and then the foam filter placed in clean and non flammable detergent in washing and drying. The spark plug, spark plug is in general need to check the engine power is insufficient, then starts difficulty. Check the spark plug, the electrode distance is 0.5mm, it is necessary to adjust. In order to avoid sparks and fire risk, if the spark plug is separated from the connector must be screwed to the screw nut and screw, the spark plug is tightly pressed on a spark plug.


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