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    Garden tools cutting machine oil selection

Garden tools, such as chainsaws, high sticks saw, brush cutter, mower, in work time, require the use of oil. Oil can directly affect the operation of the machine and the machine maintenance. Good oil, can machine smoothly finish the homework, it will not damage the machine.
For a brush cutter, the choice of oil in three, petrol, oil and gas and oil mixed oil.
Gasoline can only use 90above unleaded petrol. Add gasoline, fuel tank cap and gas around the mouth must be clean prior to filling, and debris from entering the tank. Bush confidential hair placed in a flat area, the oil tank cover upward. Gas cannot let gasoline spill, not the mailbox irrigation is too full, plus a good oil tank cover screw must be.
Oil would only use quality two stroke engine oil, it is best to use brush cutter for two stroke engine oil, in order to ensure the service life of the engine. The poor quality of the gas or oil can damage the engine, seals, oil and fuel tank.
Gasoline and oil mixed: if you are using a brush cutter for two stroke, the engine oil, gasoline mixing ratio is 1:50, the hybrid method is within an allowable loaded fuel within the mailbox pour oil, and then poured gasoline, mixing can be used. Gasoline and oil mixed oil aging, so in general the time should not be too long, a month at most.


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