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    Lawn mower use after maintenance

Lawn mower after using need of maintenance, also can be used again next time. Many garden tools, like cutting machine, chain saw, Hedgerow machine, high sticks saw and so on, after using needs some cleaning and maintenance.
Lawn mower in the use of weeks, should carry out the comprehensive cleaning, and check all the screws are tightened, oil level is consistent with the provisions, the air cleaner performance is good, the blade has no defects and so on. Also in accordance with the lawn mower use fixed number of year, strengthen the inspection and replacement of wearing parts, and periodic maintenance. For a lawn mower maintenance, is mainly three parts: oil, air filter and the carburetor and fuel.
Oil: in the use of the lawn mower before, should check the oil surface of the oil, whether in oil scale between upper and lower scale. New machine in5 hours after replacement of oil,10 hours after it again after the oil, according to the instruction require periodic replacement can be. Change engine oil should be in the engine is in the state of heat engine.
Air filter: before and after each use should check the air filter is dirty, should frequently change wash. If it is too dirty, will cause the machine to start the engine, black smoke, insufficient power.
Carburetor and oil: to mailboxes with adding gasoline should be filtered by a filter screen cleaning the carburetor, carburetor cleaning agent used for cleaning cycle according to the carburetor, the dirty conditions.


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