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    Dig tree " dead tree" furniture, was sentenced

According to the report, a value of a material of the tree, to buy down and do a few of the wardrobe. The tree is in one side of the road, has been" dead" for five or six years, is a plant of Torreya tree, the wood is very good. At that time value, and the main tree has to talk about a good price, let a person with chain saw tool to cut down. A group of people in a busy day, just dug the tree down, the tree saw becomes 6 paragraphs. Because the tree is too big, called several cars to transport, who knows how long can not open, is forestry station staff to stop down.
Later, he had been sent to prison, said to be suspected of illegal logging national key protected plants and criminal detention.
Originally, the man with the chain saw felling trees is Torreya grandis trees, is a key state protection. Reportedly, China is currently only found two wild Torreya grandis forest, here is one of them.
According to experts, the man with the chain saw felling of Torreya grandis trees age has more than 150years old, although it looks like most of the branches have withered, but in fact, more than half were still alive, belongs to the living tree. So has imperceptibly of crime, specifically how to judge, and further institute.


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