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    Garden tools mower common fault handling

In all the garden tools, lawn mower is the most widely used, the use of the most. Like a chainsaw, high sticks saw, brush cutter, drill, using the frequency will be slightly lower a bit.
Used most often, the fault probability will be greater, below we have a look at the lawn mower of common failures and exclusion methods.
1 engine cannot start. This generally have several conditions: no oil; spark plug terminal loss; throttle switch in pneumatic position; oil ignition spark plug blocked; dislocation; damage. These are generally better solution, just find the reasons, the corresponding solution.
The 2 engine cannot flameout. His homework finished, intends to call it a day, who knows the engine cannot flameout. For this situation, may be a cause: throttle line in the engine installation position is not correct; the throttle cable fault; throttle activity is not sensitive; flameout line cannot contact. One one check and resolved to.
3in response to the engine, and is in operation in the engine runs instability. May be because the throttle at the maximum position, door is open; spark plug loose; water and dirt from entering the fuel system; air filter is dirty carburetor adjustment; improper; the engine fixing screw loosening; the engine crankshaft bending.
4 there is a lawn mower, the work of all the normal, is a grass discharge is not smooth. The causes of this condition may be the following points: the engine speed is too low; the hay blocked a straw outlet; the grass high humidity; grass is too long, too; the blade is not sharp. The solution is as follows: the removal of accumulated in the grass mower lawn; if the water to dry and then cut grass; too long can be divided into two or three times, each time only for long 1/3; the blade grinding sharper.


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