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    Chain saw accessories chain saw brief introduction

In the garden tools, we normally refer to the chain saw accessories with crank, chain saws, piston, air filter, cylinder, crankshaft box, muffler, pressure package, such as magnetic flywheel. The following we again introduce chain saw chain.
Novel chain saw comprises a left dentate sclerite, the right dentate sclerite, the driving plate, connecting box rivet. In addition to the rivet, the rest of the several parts of the lower part are provided with two connecting holes. Chain saw with a complete unit is: left cutting box connecting piece consists of two rivets will right and left the two driven film sandwiched in the middle; the right dentate sclerite and another connecting piece with two rivets will alternatively right and left the two driven film sandwiched in the middle; the two connecting sheet with two rivets in the above two assembly driving plate connecting hole two driven film left and right in the middle, the assembly connected. A plurality of saw chain forms a closed integrated saw chain. Actually read a bicycle chain who should know, chain saw and the principle of the principle is very similar to a bicycle chain.


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