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    The use of Hedge machine wear the right set of labor protection supplies

The use of some garden tools, to protect himself, wearing some protective equipment is very necessary. Like a chainsaw, Hedgerow machine, mower, cut irrigation machines, different operating tools are needed for protection, but different tool protective parts and protective equipment is not the same. According to the different operation tool wear appropriate protective equipment.
To Hedge machine, Hedge machine before use, should wear good for outdoor work clothing, and wear the following protection: operating cap, is mainly used for slope protection in operation, long hair, have to tie up, preferably a disc; dustproof glasses or facial protective cover, in the use of Hedgerow machine, will raise a lot of dust, so be sure to wear; wear strong labor insurance gloves; wear and not easy to slide, sturdy shoes; if it is a long time job, had better take earplugs.
There are in addition to wear, the best to bring the following items: machine accessory tools and files; alternate fuel; a replacement blade; label work area appliances; whistle, for common operations or emergency situations; machete, handsaws, used to eradicate obstacles.


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